Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Journey…Step ONE.

     On this very first day, of this wonderful new year, my plan was to go on a hike up the local mountain with a group of people to watch the sun rise and begin the journey into 2015 on the right foot.
     I wondered how I would fit the meditation into my plan. I know it takes me a lot longer than everyone else to make the trip up to the summit and back. Trying to wake up early enough to do it before the hike was…well…out of the question! haha
     As it turns out, I didn’t have to make that decision, but am still learning that this ONE resolution is not going to be easy. Life happens. Distractions happen.  Tonsillitis happens. So, no hike for me today.
     You’d think that staying home with a sore throat would have made it easier to start this meditation thing.  However, I slept in and when I got up, Dear Hubby was already happily switching back and forth between marathons of Twilight Zone and Walking Dead. Hmph. Onward to find a different location.
     So, I came to the computer room. Found this video about the basics of meditation and later I will add another video to begin the process. Check back if you can. Also, if you have trouble leaving comments or contacting me here, feel free to come to my Facebook page to join the discussion. I’d truly love to hear from you!
     What do you think of this information on how to meditate in the link below? Do you think it is simple enough? Do you like the visuals? Do you think it might hinder you to have to conform to these steps or do you like the structure it provides?
CLICK HERE ~ Beginner's Guide to Meditation ~ Learn To Meditate…:
OK, here it is...I chose this wonderful video made by an artist friend. It seems like a perfect way to get started, don't you think?  New Year Mandalas ~ art as meditation:  Click here for New Year Mandalas ~ art as meditation:

By the way, in case you missed it, here's how this all started: Click here ~ ONE resolution !


  1. I am hoping to begin a meditation practice too. I asked for a Zafu and Zabuton Meditation set so I can sit without pain for Christmas. So far I haven't had much time alone. I hope to begin soon. Thanks for sharing the videos and I hope you are able to keep up your new practice. I will be following you on Facebook.

    1. I'm still new to the blogger comments. Did you see my reply?

  2. Hi Laura, I had to look up Zafu and Zabuton. Now I know what to put on my wish list! I totally understand not having time alone. haha I'm so glad you are here, and following along on FB! Thank you!