Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year …

Here it is…that “Twilight Zone” time of year once again. If you are like me, the space between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a surreal time. I would always sit and wonder where the year went. I would think about the long list of resolutions I made during this time last year. I’d feel sad that I failed most, if not all, of them. Yet, once again, I am hopeful. I anticipate a fresh start…with cautious optimism. For looming in the back of my mind are all of those resolutions I really wanted to commit to, and still want to accomplish. I had this same optimism when I made the same resolutions the previous year…and the year before…and the years before that. I found, however, that with each year of what I perceived as failures, my optimism grew increasingly cautious…less bold and bright.
So, would you be impressed if I told you that this year I only have ONE resolution? Does that mean I was successful in keeping ALL of those promises to myself from the previous year? NOPE. It means I have made an attitude adjustment and I’m really excited about it!
I want to share this resolution with all of you and I hope you can connect with it, adopt it as your own, and share feedback of how it makes you feel throughout the coming year. Ready for it? …………..DRUMROLL please………..
My ONE and ONLY resolution for the year 2015 is to meditate every morning.
Here’s my thought process:
Years ago, I used to listen to soothing music during my pregnancy and practice relaxing for a set period of time each day. I didn’t really know any specific meditation techniques. But I did know that it was really good for me. After giving birth, I “didn’t have time for that anymore.” Now I realize, I needed it more than ever!
So, I’m going to give myself that gift once again. This time I choose to embrace it and not let go. I will make that time each morning a priority. Perhaps if I am centered, more balanced, with a calm mind, maybe everything else I want to accomplish will fall into place or the path to achieving them will be more clear.
So, every day, I am going to explore the internet and choose a meditation video to share on my blog. It will be just a random choice without even previewing it. How fun to reach into the grab-bag of knowledge and see what I might get! I would also love to hear from you about meditations you like so that I might learn and share. I’m sure some of them will be more helpful than others to different people at different times. I think it will be fun to discuss how each of us is affected, with our different personalities and situations. Will we find a common thread? Can we use this to lift each other up and share our success? YES!
ONE day at a time. ONE step at a time. One resolution!


  1. A most admirable resolution...realistic and down to earth. Keep us up to date on how you are doing...Day one today...My resolution is to try to keep/get fit. Being older, with typical age problems...joints deteriorating, need more sleep but don't get it, bit of extra weight, skin thinning, etc. In that direction, my husband and I just joined the local health club. Will let you know how I do

    1. Thank you for sharing your resolution. Wishing you all the determination and energy you need to be successful! I'd love to know how you do. What is your favorite type of exercise, swimming?