Thursday, August 29, 2013

From chaos to creative paradise. You could make it happen!

Hi everyone, You probably don't remember, but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back when, I posted something about my messy art studio...that I might show you a photo of it to inspire me to clean it up. Well, that never happened! hahaha. Anyway, now I DID share a photo of it for a contest where I could win a bunch of organizational supplies. Part of the procedure was to include a photo of your art space. I must have been half asleep or something, because it just didn't occur to me that it would be on display for the public to vote on. I thought it would be only the "big wigs" in charge who would see it. Even that thought was mortifying. Then I get an email saying my entry was approved and voting has begun. EEEEK! That's when it hit me that my secret is out! So, now that it is, please don't call the Hoarders show on me....JUST VOTE FOR ME! ;) You can do so very quickly by clicking under the photo where it says "shell-rose creations studio." That will take you directly to the voting page where you click "save vote". AND, you can vote once a day until it's over! That would be so cool of you! Thank you so much! If I win, it could be the most drastic transformation and I will share more photos with you. I have big ideas for this space. My imagination is running wild and I'd love for you to join me on this journey!