Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

This weekend flew by and we didn't really have any fantastic, outlandish plans. We didn't go fight the crowds to see the fireworks show. We didn't spend oodles of money on fireworks at the local stand. But, we did spend time together as a family.

As the mother of a teenage boy, I am ever so grateful for each fleeting moment together. All of a sudden, on this weekend celebrating our country's independence, I was really bummed out by the growing independence of our son! It dawned on me that he is becoming a young man. I mean, I knew this...but it hit me that my little boy is gone.

That trip to Legoland I have wanted to take all these years...well....I guess that's out the window, now. While the builder in him is still fascinated by the amazing structures that can be made out of Legos, I don't think a day surrounded by toddlers sounds particularly thrilling to him anymore.

He would rather send text messages all day, than make crafts with Mom. Rather perfect his skateboarding tricks than help me in the kitchen. He'd even rather do hard physical labor at his Grandma's house than hang out at home!

I'm trying not to take it personally, but I have a lot of growing up to do! So, when I take a step back I realize, a simple barbecue with his family was good enough for him. No tantrums over how much was missing... I need to do the same. I need to savor what we have, not pine over what has changed.

This weekend has taught me that we don't need a lot of fanfare. Don't need a lot of fuss. And, even with our growing independence, we still come back to each other in those beautiful moments where the explosions are in the distance and the light is in our hearts.