Friday, February 10, 2012

February Photo-a-day : Day 10 ~ Self-Portrait

Here’s a silly self-portrait that I did as a challenge from another artist.


And, here’s a digital photo collage I did several years ago.

20101202_822 (2)c (3)c

Below are my first attempts at "Scanner Art"!...with a little digital manipulation because I just can't leave well enough alone. :)

This one is a clip form a painting video I made.

20101202_182 (2)c

…and I made this one after my goldfish died.

20101202_806 (2)c

Many times I make self-portraits when I am feeling vulnerable or sad. It seems to help me work through things.…

23990_477214470074_826675074_11099403_2394379_n (2)

I don’t know what I was working through here! HAHA! This is me as an M&M….


…and as a Simpson.


…still a Simpson.


Finally, a self-portrait of me (the redhead) and my best friends from high school…all born in the year of the monkey. I made this to celebrate our 40th birthdays.



  1. Such a wonderfully wide array of self portraits! I love them all!

    We must have been posting our portraits on our blogs at the same time. I just put mine up.'s not nearly as colorful or happy as yours!

    Gerushia's New World

  2. My goodness, these are all terrific and very clever. I can tell which monkey is which. Great likenesses.

  3. I just love your creativity. Your wit, sensitivity, love for nature and all living things shine out in your art. You got SOUL, girl!