Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 11~ Makes you Happy




Well, I know what DOESN’T make me happy….It’s when I typed out this whole post and it got deleted on my computer before I could publish it. ACK!


So, anyway, as I was saying…*deep breath*….

     I was comparing my “homescape” to the landscapes I tend to love. I can appreciate the beauty of the desert, but I wouldn’t want to live there. (funny thing is, I pretty much DO live in the desert! ) And, I can appreciate the beauty of a simplified home environment….but I wouldn’t want to live there. I prefer a setting where there is a new mystery around every bend in the path. Like a woodland, I like my homescape to feature little vignettes of treasured items around every corner.  When I stop to admire my little treasures, I think of the beautiful people who gave them to me or linger in the memories of the joyous events these objects conjure.


20120209_37 (2)

Above, you’ll see a bracelet I bought from an artist on Ebay, made from typewriter keys and a real bit of dragonfly wing in the last link. There is also a perfume-filled locket which I adore from my friend Kim of Gerusia’s New World. It reminds me of our trips to the High Voltage Tattoo shop and the Wonderland Gallery. That’s were she caught me fondling this and sneakily bought it for me! These lovely things are displayed against the backdrop of an original work of art by Kathryn Pinkham. She offered a “Magic Envelope” to her Facebook friends, and I was lucky to get this gorgeous dragonfly with sparkly wings.

Below, are photos of friends and family, a heart-warming portrait done by Charlino Kukino, and various trinkets.  I would show you more of my little groupings of magical  stuff, but I haven’t had time to dust lately. Someday, I’ll show you around some more.

20120209_40 (2)c

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  1. Hey...I'm lucky. I get to be mentioned twice in the things that make you happy!

    This blog post makes me happy.

    Gerushia's New World