Monday, October 19, 2009

Towers, and JUMBLES, and Stacks! OH MY!

Do I dare post a photo of my art studio as it is now? Does anyone want to see how bad it is? It might make you feel better that someone has a worse mess than you! Really, it is BAD! If you read my earlier post, you'll know why. But it is still embarrassing! You can follow along as I make progress...transforming this room into my dream studio.

Not sure if I'm brave enough to share the photo yet. Maybe later today! ;)


  1. Chicken - It can't be any worse than mine, mine has spilled out into the next room.

  2. I wanna see a pic...and tell us the reason why. I spent a few days last week re-organizing & cleaning out my studio. Maybe I'll take pics now that it's all neat & pretty.

  3. Go bad can it be? I bet mine is worse :-)

    I'll be back to follow you (there is an error in the widget right now) and please would you do the same for me? Thanks and nice to see you! Diane

  4. Hi again Shell...I figured it out...there is a Follow Blog link in the blue bar at the top of the blog. Some people also have a gadget...I see your gadget is working now.

    So, on we go...hope you enjoy the blogging adventure...I'm hooked, as you will see :-) Diane

  5. Whew, It's always good to know your gadget is working! ;) Thank you!