Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Autumn Repose"

I've been working on a painting for several days now. Perhaps you have been following the progress on my Facebook page. If not, the recap is, I started with a canvas which I had used as a palette for a previous painting. Using the colors, textures, and masses of light and dark, I began to see an image. I played with it until it became "Autumn Repose."

This painting is beginning to express dreams of transformation. So, to deepen that meaning, I added a dragonfly. I am fond of them anyway, since they visit my backyard pond frequently and have even landed on my finger before!

Dragonflies have long been symbols of transformation and change. They spend the first phase of their lives beneath the water's surface. Water is associated with the subconscious mind, so dragonflies have come to express a connection with deep thoughts and desires. They begin as a very ugly creature but when the right time has come, they pull themselves out of the water and shed the unsightly exterior. It is then that they show what was hidden inside. The beautiful creature of reflective light and grace that we know. In addition, because they don't live very long, they are a reminder to live life fully while we have it.

Autumn is also a
time of change. Many people think of it as the harbinger of winter which may seem depressing. But, in my mind, it is a brilliant time to reflect on the past in preparation for the future. The figure sleeps beneath a blanket of leaves, taking shelter in beautiful, comforting memories. She dreams of what is to come.

So, as I work on this painting, I wonder what message is being sent to me. Is the Master Creator trying to tell me something? Most of this painting was done through "stream of consciousness" where I didn't look at any reference photos to guide me. It simply came from my mind...and the Source which must have put it there.

Now, the "funny" part is...I am having the worst time finishing this painting. Wouldn't you know, the two areas where I am trying to use my photos for reference have given me the most stress! I am using a photo of one of my backyard dragonflies and a photo I took of my own hand. I'll show you it's current state of being...and I'll be cringing the whole time until I can figure out how to fix everything that bugs me in it.


  1. Shelly...this is absolutely S T U N N I N G....thanks for the info about Dragonflies...I'm going to post a link on my blog to this post....
    have a great evening.

  2. p.s. I do lots of "stream of consciousness" painting & have blogged about it...

  3. Thank you , Bridget! I emailed you, but wanted to thank you publicly as well. I'm flattered to get such a nice compliment, especially from someone as talented as yourself! :)


  4. It's simply stunning and I know it will finish itself when the time comes. I saw the refernce to it on Bridget's blog.

  5. You are ever so talented... and it's a pleasure to see this transformation ...

    ...interesting reference to 'bug'...hmmmm...

    saw your post on Twitter!