Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Give-away Contest is HERE!

Hello my friendly followers. The time has come for me to unveil the A.C.E.O. which one lucky follower will win this month! Here he is, "Pumpkin-Head".

Here are the contest entry guidelines:

1. Follow my blog.
2. Leave a comment on how I can improve my blog and use it to increase art sales.

Optional: For another entry in your name, share this on your Twitter, Blog, Facebook, and/or Myspace page. Please supply the link here. One additional entry for each link where this is shared.

Contest ends Saturday, Oct. 24 at noon Pacific time. I will post the winner on Monday, Oct. 26.

(This is my first contest of this sort, so please bear with me if there are some kinks I need to work out!)
Just look at that face...won't you try to give him a home?

BY THE WAY: You may also comment on my other blog if you can't think of any ideas for this one!


  1. Consider me in Ms. Shellrose! Having purchased your marvelous art, I'd be proud to win it too!

    Suggestion for blog:
    Use a lighter background than black. It is more difficult to read (older eyes, shhhh) when the back ground is dark.

    (same advice was given to me and I do notice the difference).

  2. I'm RT your twitter post...which is where I saw the giveaway in the first place!

  3. Following your blog (no-brainer for me)!

  4. I'm following your blog and I would be most happy to win this sweet little painting and I'd be proud to post it on by blog.

  5. oops forgot to leave a suggestion for your blog - Don't have any new one, but I agree with the lighter background. As far as sells go all you can do is post pictures of your work and visit other blogs and network with them.

  6. hi shell.. i'm happy to follow your blog :)

    as far as increasing art sales ... hmm ... it's counter intuitive i suppose, but i think what can work is to forget about increasing sales ... and that actually increases sales ... it's only my opinion, but i really believe that when you're doing what you truly love (and networking with who you truly resonate with) then it all comes easy and any benefits just kind of flow in (including money/sales) ...

    anyway, that's my new age grape nut hippified opinion :)


  7. Hi Shell, and everyone!! Nice blog!!


  8. Hi Shell, already a follower :-) I am happy to share some tips that I was told about. 1) put keywords in your blog description (in the header, under your name - you art types, the things you paint, etc) 2) use these same kind of keywords in your post titles 3) use the first paragraph of your post, in other words, repeat something about the post title in the first few sentences. 4) use pictures, but they should be captioned (this is a little hard) I'll try to think of more :-)

  9. Here's my tweet

    dwsewbiz Wishing for an overall-wearing pumpkin for Halloween

    I want him!

  10. I found your blog from Marlene's Musings..

    What a cute ACEO! I can't follow anymore blogs right now, I've cut myself off! lol I can't keep up with all the ones I am following! But I will give you a few tips anyways as I love designing blogs...

    1 idea is to add your Etsy mini found at Etsy and add links to any shops you have.

    another is to add labels and tag your items so that people can find articles that interest them easily!

    This site has a lot of great articles

    That's all I can think of for now! You have beautiful artwork!


  11. Hello Shelly,
    I'm already a follower. Please enter me in the giveaway, I love little pumpkin head...

    one idea would be to put an "etsy mini" in the sidebar of your blog & on your website

  12. Just keep creating your art with passion; and putting it out there for all to see. Your bank account will grow.

  13. Thank you all. Contest is now closed and I'll be picking the winner soon!

  14. I wrote all the eligible names on little pieces of paper, with extra entries for those who were entitled, rolled them up and drew...........

    DRUMROLL PLEASE..................

    the winner of the October free-art give-away is zJayne! Thank you all for entering and please try again next month!