Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I take a LOT of photos in my backyard. It’s a suburban yard…bigger than most, but still…rather urban. This morning I almost succumbed to the thought that there's nothing new out in my backyard, so why take the camera? I took it anyway. 

I looked to the sky and saw this.
20120828_5 (4)c

And, as I looked at the fascinating clouds, I saw this:


Then, a dragonfly buzzed past.

Now, you are going to think I’m really weird, but I was so thrilled!  I love dragonflies. I love the red dragonflies that come to my little backyard pond, but am jealous of people who live where there are many different varieties of dragonflies.  Their photos make me wish for more.

I was resigned to the the “fact” that all I will ever have here are the red ones. But, today’s dragonfly was NOT red!  Isn’t it funny how a simple experience like this made me realize that life is not always what we have firmly set in our minds? There is still a reason to be hopeful …even when you are absolutely sure that things are destined to be the way you think they are or will be. I didn’t get a photo of the dragonfly, but I’m still happy to know I was wrong!

So, no matter how dreary the outlook, keep that bit of hope.   Be ready to welcome new joys, no matter how small or how vast!  Always hope for new-found beauty even when you least expect it! Today might just be WAY better than you expected it to be!...or....maybe tomorrow will be. 


(P.S. This theme carries over from a blog post of a friend that I read yesterday by
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen    http://kathysart.blogspot.com/ )


  1. So dear of you Rochelle to include my link. It is just so simple isn't it? Consider one beautiful thing and hope grows.

  2. Fabulous pictures and I wanted to say thank you for following me and I am about to follow you back. Love dragonflies too