Monday, June 28, 2010

A surprise by the pond...continued...

(If you are stopping in for the first time, be sure to scroll down to the previous dates and see how this all came about!)

So, as I was saying...the odd little snail, who was sent to wake me up, wanted me
to lift him up to my painting which hangs in the hallway. I was quite hesitant, because
I intend to sell that painting and don't think snail tracks would add to its value.
Anyway, I did it.

To my complete surprise, he went INTO the painting and told me to follow.
I stood back (as far as I could in such tight quarters) and thrust myself head first.
It worked! Which is a very good thing as I would hate to have had my husband
wake up to a loud thud and find me on the floor with a broken painting on my head!
I'm sure he would just roll his eyes and go back to bed because he has come to
expect the unexpected around here! But, still...

After taking my leap of faith, this is where I landed.

As I got to my feet, I looked around and tried to rub the sleep from my eyes.
I thought surely I must be dreaming!

My eyes adjusted and I could see that my little friend was on the move once again.

We wended our way past the Lamb's Ears and beneath the Wisteria Vine.
It was all very familiar, since this is my own backyard....but it was if I had never
been here before. I'm sure my mouth hung open and my
eyes were as round as the moon.

There were pond-dwellers here and there, enjoying the atmosphere as well.

Tea cups were filled to the brim with invisible tea. It was so delightful, like Earl Grey
only more divine. The tea pot never emptied and I never got too full. Which is a good
thing because I was told that just around the corner of the pond, near the stand of cattails,
there was an array of treats for me to eat.

As I got up close, I could see...these goodies set out for me. IS the THOUGHT that counts.
Ah hem...and the worms weren't so bad, but the flies were a
little rough going down. I couldn't believe the wonderful things
my friends had done for me!

I sat on the bench and soaked in all of the magical things around me.
Mr. Mockingbird sang his marvelous songs...which can be annoying when
you're trying to sleep, but this night he could do no wrong!

I must have dozed off, of course you saw it coming, for I woke up in my bed
and wondered if it was all a dream.

But, I can tell you one thing by looking at the pond this morning.
There was SOME kind of magic going on!

There are a bazillion tiny, new frog eggs in the shallows!
With all those helpers next year, just imagine the Mad Moonlit Tea Party we shall have!


  1. I want to live by your pond at night. I want to live inside the painting!! I would follow a magical snail down any lantern lit path....although, I shan't eat flies (well, maybe, but only if they're sugar coated)!

    Gerushia's New World

  2. Chocolate-dipped would have been nice, but who am I to complain?!!!

  3. any cheesy fondue for the flies? I'd be in for sure!

    Gerushia's New World

  4. There's always next year! I'll be sure to invite you and I'll have plenty of cheese on hand!

  5. Promise? Habanero Cheddar?

    Gerushia's New World